Commonly Asked Questions about Prescription Medications

How many refills do I have on my prescription?

The number of refills, and expiration date of your prescription can be found on the medication bottle.

Annual physicals are recommended for all individuals, and any medications will be reviewed and refilled at this time

If you are sure that a follow up appointment is not needed, ask your pharmacist to contact us for refills. during regular office hours.

What do I do if I am having a bad reaction to a medication?

All medications have side effects and every human being is custom made. Most side-effects are minor and can be handled with an adjustment in dose or an alternative medication. Should you wish to change medications, or are uncomfortable with the side effects you are experiencing call the office to make an appointment to discuss a medication change.

If you feel you are having a serious problem with a medication call me and do not take any more. Otherwise do not stop a medication that has been prescribed without discussing it with me. Prescriptions are usually written for just enough medication to last until your next appointment. Running low on medication usually means it's time to come back and possibly do lab work.

What if I lose my medications on a vacation?

Contact a local pharmacy, a branch of your home pharmacy if possible, and explain the situation. The pharmacy may contact us if necessary.

Note: DO NOT loose controlled medications (narcotics, etc.) Keep them locked away to avoid tempting others both at home and on vacation. They WILL NOT be refilled ahead of schedule.